Maria (Nasikoi) Papaa Kingi

Student Profile Maria (Nasikoi) Papaa Kingi Maria (Nasikoi) Papaa Kingi Maria was born in 2008 in the village of Engaresero, Ngorongoro, Arusha, Tanzania. Maria’s family is poor and uneducated. Maria was initially very fortunate and obtained a scholarship to  enroll in a private primary boarding school in Loliondo through the efforts of Sister Angelica of Germany. After she started school, she was withdrawn by her father who objected to her education and wanted her at home to work with her mother. Among many tasks assigned to Maria, she was very good at selling the handicrafts that her mother...

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Hilkia Peter

Student Profile Hilkia Peter Hilkia Peter is a graduate of St John’s University of Tanzania and was born and raised in Engaruka. Hilkia, knowing the need of teachers in Maasai land, decided to pursue a career in teaching so he contribute to his Maasai community and Tanzania as a whole. He was raised by his grandmother after the early death of his mother and abandonment by his father. With support from relatives, Hilkia completed his secondary ordinary level education. ENCO supported his advanced secondary and university education.

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Moinga Mbukoti

Student Profile Moinga Mbukoti Moinga Mbukoti is the first born of more than thirty children from the different wives of his father. Moinga is a very humble and bright young man and obtained government support for his ordinary secondary education. ENCO supported his advance level of his secondary education and half of his university tuition. Moinga will complete his bachelor’s degree in (?) from St. Augustine University in July 2017.

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Josephine Mollel

Student Profile Josephine Mollel Josephine Mollel is 20 years old and from Engaruka Juu village. Her father is a polygamous with six wives and many children. Josephine dreamed of being a teacher at an English Medium School. She started college in September 2016 for a certificate in education (where?). Her parents were not willing to sell cows for college further education. ENCO is providing a half scholarship for her college costs.

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Naserian Osujaki

Student Profile Naserian Osujaki Naserian Osujaki is 22 years old and from the Engaruka Juu village. She is the first born of three children. Both of her parents passed away when she was in primary school and the children were adopted by their aunt, who worked very hard to support them through the level of primary education. For three years after primary school, Naserian worked at home because of lack of support for secondary education. Naserian requested and received support for four years of secondary education from ENCO. She graduated from secondary school with excellent scores (Division...

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