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Student Profile

Lapajara Ndaapa Paani

Lapajara Ndaapa Paani is a 7-year-old boy from Oldonyo Lengai village. He cried to be registered in the kindergarten class near his village but unfortunately the primary school is many miles away from his home.

When his school was about to start his father moved him with the family livestock to a remote grazing area so he could not go to school. The boy left the livestock and walked day and night many miles back home to register for school. His father could not tolerate that so he asked the warriors punish him for attempting such a dangerous act. Lapajara did the same thing just few days later and this time he walked to school. We learned of the situation and offered him admission to EEMPS, which his family permitted. Lapajara he is among the best students in his class and on his weekends, he likes to help watch and care for the school’s livestock.

2023 2nd grade student. Tuition and fees are $700 for 2023.