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Lomayana’s Story

Every end of the year EEMPS (A charity school that is owned by MEF &ENCO) accepts requests from different students who wants to join nursery class here at school. When we got a request from this young boy, we knew right away that he needed to be helped.

His name is Lomayana Lemaina a 11 years boy from Engaruka. His father has two wives and lomayana is the 5th child from his mother who has 8 children. He was bitten by a snake and failed to get proper treatment hence to his leg being cut.

Lomayana goes to a local government school at Engaruka village but does not attend school every day because the school is 4km away from his home and due to his condition, he cannot walk a long distance. EEMPS will admit Lomayana next year 2023 to start nursery class which will be easier for him because he will be staying at school and be taken care of. He was so thankful that now he is going to get good food and a nice place to sleep, things which he did not have before. If anyone wants to help Lomayana please contact us through this website or email

Lomayana’s Story an African boy's story