Education Programs

Education Programs

Despite the government efforts, education situation is generally worse for rural communities, and among the Maasai living in rural districts in Arusha and Manyara Regions. Therefore, the aim of this program is to ensure provision of education to vulnerable Maasai communities especially girls. This is because most girls who are enrolled in primary schools do not complete seven years of primary education due to existence of cultural values that restrict girls to attain education. Another major problem is the limited number of secondary schools in the Maasai communities. The illiteracy rate in Maasai community is almost 90% illiterate- among the highest in the nation and less than 5% of Maasai children are enrolled in secondary schools

Girls Education project

In pastoralist Maasai communities of the Monduli, Ngorongoro and Longido districts, illiteracy rates are approximately 75% and women are the worst affected. School attendance rates are very low compared to the national average and only 30% of girls attend secondary school. Girls are more likely to drop out at the transition from primary to secondary school when many are forced into marriage. Since the inception of ENCO a number of girls and boys from the pastoralist communities has been supported to attend secondary schools, colleges and Universities because their parents could not support their education expenses. The organization helped them with tuition fees, accommodation costs, food, transport and learning materials. A total of twenty-four young men and ladies were supported and most of the are not employed in various sectors. Three of them are working in various ENCO’s projects.

Engaruka English Medium Primary (EEMP) School Project

Through its Education Access Program, ENCO started the Engaruka English Medium Pre-Primary School in February 2018. The school’s Phase I construction (two classrooms, bathrooms, and three offices) was funded primarily through a $70,000 grant from the TX Foundation of Taiwan. Additional support for construction, furnishings, and operating expenses was provided by the Maasai Education Foundation. Additional construction of required infrastructures, water projects, electricity and operation costs has been possible through various donors mainly The Maasai Education Foundation (MEF), Boutique Safari and individual friends. The school provides quality English-based education to pastoralist Maasai children and prepare the children to pass the national secondary school entrance exams. The school and its approach are very niche in that it provides an English language-based primary school education to Maasai youth. The school serve as a safe home and rescue center for the most vulnerable girls who for different reasons are denied their rights for education in expense of exchange for dowry and child labor.

History of School site, land donation for school and initial groundbreaking

Since July 2016 ENCO started lobbying two government villages to give us a land for school construction, for eight months none of the villages was able to approve us a land.  Due to long process and lots of bureaucracy from village Authorities, our family couldn’t bear the cost of losing our first potential donors, The TX foundation (Tsu Xing meaning ‘kindness walking) by then hence we decided to donates 34.7 acres of land to start the construction of the school in April 2017. The land survey was done to allow other legal procedures of approving the construction for the school from the district engineer. ENCO women’s groups and neighboring families especially women secured a short-term income generating activity by collecting rocks, gravels and sand for the construction. Ground breaking ceremony was attended by hundreds of community members, TX foundation president Mr. Jaffe Hsieh, and his wife Ms. Liza Lin (The founder) and Ms Adenike Adeyanju, the TX Regional Coordinator. Local dignitaries and officials as well as community members, different media companies including our famous TV broadcasting (ITV), and students who will attend the school next January when classes start also attended. This TX foundation building consists of two classrooms, three office rooms, five washrooms and three bathrooms was constructed in four months. The official Opening ceremony was attended by the donors the TX – Foundation, education partners, government official, expected students and many more community members.

Adult Literacy Project

Literacy is a life transformation process especially for women in the developing countries like Tanzania. Helping adults gain literacy skills helps reduce poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights around the world. Maasai women have shown the need to continue fighting for the better economic opportunities, they are fast learning and properly applying the knowledge acquired. ENCO as a growing organization, more economic women groups are becoming active members of it. Less than 15% of all these members can read and write. Few years back through EEMPS school two years adult literacy lessons were conducted for two women groups using the school facilities and staffs/teachers. Due to increase demand of this program and limited resources the lesson ceased to date. ENCO strive to solicit funds to resume this program for more members.

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