Construction to start on Engaruka School

Construction is scheduled to start on the Engaruka-TX English Medium Pre-Primary School in April 2017. This is the first phase of the construction of the Engaruka English Medium Primary School, which will include pre-school as well as primary grades 1-7. The school will include boarding facilities for students from remote Maasai communities. The pre-school will start classes in January 2018.

ENCO wishes to thank the TX Foundation and the Maasai Education Foundation for their financial support for the construction of the first phase of the school. The first phase construction will include two classrooms (one of which will be a temporary dormitory) and a ablutions block as depicted below. In addition, we are seeking additional funding for the construction of the dining hall.

Classroom/temporary dorm (left) and ablutions block (right)
School Plan2
Phase I Plan


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