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EEMPS Computer Lab

Posted on: 13 March 2018

After the donation of 10 computers by Service Without Boarders (SWB), EEMPS started their first computer lab at school. These computers were named after wild animals available in Tanzania Ngorongoro crater. We have lion, Rhino, Eagle Cheetah, Giraffe and many others.

Each computer has two users and passwords are set according to the computers name example Lion01Engaruka. Computer classes are taught every Thursday and Friday or sometimes during weekends. Students love computer classes and once it’s time to learn you will find them already seated with there computers on. Currently, classes are taught by Olar Paul (EEMPS public Relations Officer) as a volunteer due to absence of a professional computer teacher.

Grade five and four are the only classes being taught computer. The particular reason is shortage of computers as well as students age. We believe that students from grade three and below are very young. Students are taught the basics of a computer as well as micro-soft words so they might be able to prepare documents and even save them or print. 90% of 5th graders can now work on a computer without supervision in terms of preparing documents example writing letters and etc using Microsoft word. Grade four have recently completed their national exam hence they spend a lot of time learning computers as well as practicing their typing speed. They learn this though a game installed within all the computers called the typing master game. We are planning to start teaching students on different ways they can get reading materials through the internet as well as google documents. The main challenge is reliable internet which has been our main obstacle for a very long-time. Once we have internet access, then studying online for students will be easier through computer lab. We would like to thank SWB for this amazing donation that they made towards the school. EEMPS can’t thank you enough because we never had a computer class before but through SWB our school now has a computer class and students are more than happy to learn computer.